Spy Guy is up on Funny or Die! Enjoy. Written and directed by Robert Stadd.

Lon had some fun during the 2016 presidential political campaign with director Laura Everly in a sketch starring Mimi Kennedy and featured on the Huffington Post.

Check out Chipotle Death Notice on Funny or Die. Written by Quincy Cho and starring Jenney McAfee and Lon Fiala. Directed by Mel Orpen.

Coming in 2018! See Lon as Mr. Young in Behold My Heart starring Marisa Tomei, Charlie Plummer and directed by Joshua Leonard. See Lon as the lovable Craig in Alex & Jaime, written by Brian Flaccus and Chadwick Hopson, directed by Brian Flaccus.

In 2015 Lon signed with Beal Talent & Associates for theatrical representation in Los Angeles. Additionally, he is represented by Ideal Talent Agency for commercials and managed by Stefan Jacobs at Catapult Management. Team Lon is growing!

Lon co-starred in 2014 in a scene on CRIMINAL MINDS working opposite that charming duo, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler.

He may also be seen soon in the films: CHATTER written and directed by Matthew Solomon and; LOVE ARCADIA directed by Lawrence Gan. Online, enjoy Lon’s cameo appearance on Funny or Die with Andy Cohen.

Lon always has a suit and tie in his car – as casting directors regularly call on him to audition for roles as lawyers, politicians, professors, psychologists, priests and doctors in drama and comedy roles. Here are some of the things Casting Director’s are saying about Lon’s work.

Lon was a member of the Master Class at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. He was coached by Anthony Meindl, Lindsay Frame, and Jonathan Kehoe. 

For inquiries about casting Lon, please see his representation page.